Data-driven to-do list
for organisational development

TeamINSIGHT helps organisations to increase effectiveness by recommending the highest value added development activities on every level based on scientific data.

Actionable to-do list of highest value added tasks

For executives, managers, coaches and team members

Scientifically proven measures of effectiveness

Expert guidance without the need to hire diagnostics expert


Know what to do

Knowing what to do to achieve team and organizational effectiveness is a demanding task. Our tool does the whole thing for you. It collects the required data, processes the information, and provides a to-do list of the highest value added actions.

Create alignment on every level

Synchronizing goals and actions on different organisational levels is difficult. TeamINSIGHT simplyfies this task by creating coherent to-do lists to every level (Executives, HR, managers, team coaches, team members) of the company.

Measure what really matters

Our quick surveys measure dimensions of organisational and team effectiveness that have the highest correlations with business KPIs proven by science.

Save money on experts

Organisational diagnostics experts help companies to understand data and translate them to insights and clear actions. Our software connects and analyses hundreds of data points and connections and turns them into action items automatically, based on statistical correlations and expert knowledge.

How to use?

1. Start your survey in 3 easy steps

2. See results and your to-do list

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